Worric Greymantle

A older powerfully built man with an aura of authority.


Sir Worric Greymantle has been the Knight Commander for the last few decades. Once a lower class peasant, Worric had aspirations of becoming a great hero. After spending his youth training with a sword, Worric signed up to become a member of the lower city guard, breaking up bar fights and petty crime. Finally opportunity arouse when the King held a Tournament in honor of Prince Thiesis coming of age.

The Tournament held three competitions: A Grand Melee, A Joust, and a Marskmenship Competition. Not able to afford a horse, Worric could not participate in the joust, and was never much of an archer or gunhand. The Grand Melee proved very challenging, but eventually Worric defeated Sir Graham Leighton to claim victory. The King, quite impressed with the young mans skills, made him the squire of Sir Leighton, which the knight was happy to accept.

Years passed, and Sir Worric Greymantle had risen in ranks, his deeds over shining the privileged birth-knights, and with his friendship forged with King Thiesis, he was awarded the rank of Knight-Commander.

Worric Greymantle

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