Raven’s Throne

The Kingdom of Wall has been isolated for as long as anyone can remember. The Mad Wood encircling the city provides everything the city seems to need, but adventures deep into the wood always end in death, disaster, or confusion. The roads seemed to lead right back to the city, the river’s downstream of the city would arrive back upstream. The City was trapped.

The city survived well enough on its own, the noble houses kept a modest order, and the giant Castle housed an honest King whose guard kept a watchful eye on the walls at night.

The government of Wall had come to terms with being a self-sustained civilization, and had no aspirations of sacrificing anymore citizens to The Mad Wood. Then the decree came down.

The King’s only daughter, Princess Iyra, had become grievously ill. The few healers and magicians present in the city weren’t experienced enough to cure her, and she had little time left. The King, having already lost his wife in child birth, passed down a decree that anyone willing to venture into the wood would be pardoned, and if they returned with means to save the princess, they would be made the wealthiest man in Wall.

Raven's Throne